Networking is the backbone of business

Networking is the most powerful marketing tactic and strategy to accelerate and sustain success for individual or organization – Adam Small

Networking is about connections and building enduring , mutual beneficial relationships.


Some people mix it up with networking for friendship. Having the contact of someone doesn’t make you their friend?  It’s usually a business relationship and that is what networking is all about.

It is important to know you may not always be a direct beneficiary of it but someone else in your circle.

When networking, have in mind you are also there to provide support to the person you are networking with. In fact, it is most effective if you portray yourself first to support than what you want to benefit.

Most of my sales and progress in life is due to my network.

I have a book  I write how customers got to know my brand and a lot of them were through referrals which usually occur from my network.

Ultimately,  its not about who you know  but WHO KNOWS YOU.

It is possible you know someone and he or she doesn’t know you.

You get to introduce yourself and re-introduce and re-introduce each time you meet her.  This shows you know him or her, but he doesn’t know you.

Ask any senior executive , politician,  successful sales person, etc, which skill helped them excel in their career – it is Networking.

To succeed, you must continually connect with new people,  cultivate emerging relationships and leverage on your network.

The early part of last year,  I realized our sales were whirling within the existing customers. I had the urge to create new.  Guess what I did,  I simply went to my phone contacts and wrote out names of people I had networked with, without follow up. I re-introduced myself and reminded them what we do. It was shocking to know some of them bought our jewelry and I was glad to refer them to other people who they need their services too.

Lets do a homework.

First,  reconnect with your networks  through your phones.  Identify people that you both can have mutual benefit and start contacting them.

You have hundreds of other peoples complementary cards .They are just there doing nothing.  Reconnect with some of them you think you can benefit mutually from.

Ladies in particularly have issues with starting conversation to create attention.

It’s very easy,  give compliments to her.  Tell her you love her necklace , trust me you have won her over.

For guys,  start an intelligent conversations like football . Now world cup has begun,  that’s one of the best ways to start a conversation.

Who told you you can’t get the attention of great people ? Start networking today.

I must emphasize, its not the time to keep malice or quarrel.  The person you keep malice with might have the key  to unlock  your destiny.

Don’t look down on people.  You think you are way older than the fellow,  she can’t be of help to you now or in future?  Come and ask me?

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