Bimbola Balogun Bimbeads Concepts Beads in Nigeria

Many years ago, I sought for a job. I saw my life crumbling right in my face. I was 100% financially dependent on my spouse. Frustration, low self esteem and loss of identity set in. I was right on the road to depression. Right in the middle of it, i took a decision to learn the act of jewelry making after seeing an advert just like this.

I thought to myself, this will keep me busy till I get a job.

Taking that bold step was one of the greatest decisions i ever took in my life. Fast forward, 14 years after, I have not looked back. I have four awards and counting, got Goldman Sachs scholarship to study Entrepreneurial management at the Pan Atlantic University, I have been to six countries for business trips, I was featured on an exclusive BBC documentary and I’ve served amazing women in politics and various works of life. My journey as a jewelry designer and tutor has been an enviable, financial freedom and most fulfilling experience.

This can be you too. Why not take the bold step and start a life journey of creativity and financial independence. Subscribe to our training packages, and begin to flourish.

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