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Bimbeads Concept is a registered company that specializes in the designing of exquisite jewellery with the use of Beads, Leathers and Gemstones.

Since 2006, the company has been creating distinctive and meticulously hand-crafted designs targeted at fashionable successful entrepreneurs and corporate women of worth who love to stand out.

The company’s taste for quality and excellence brought about a privileged exclusive interview by British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) on it and its CEO. Bimbeads is blessed with a smart team who have keyed into the company’s vision and its clientele include but not limited to, women in politics and governance, Nollywood actresses, successful women and entrepreneurs.

As part of its Corporate Social Responsibilities, the company carries out periodic empowerment of individuals and groups through its training programs.…[Read More]


Latest Blog Posts

entrepreneurship beads

June 16, 2019

Entrepreneurship, a war zone?

As an entrepreneur. You are in a war zone. You must fight to win. You must deploy various strategies in order to be at par with your competitors. Entrepreneurship is a war zone and in this war zone, two parties are involved, your brand and that of your opponent or competitors.   You must be

June 15, 2019

Networking is the backbone of business

Networking is the most powerful marketing tactic and strategy to accelerate and sustain success for individual or organization – Adam Small Networking is about connections and building enduring , mutual beneficial relationships. Photocredit: Pixabay.com Some people mix it up with networking for friendship. Having the contact of someone doesn’t make you their friend?  It’s usually a

The Art of Beads Making Masterclass Lagos

June 14, 2019

Types of Pearls for Jewelry

So I had set up my blog for more than two years and  I hadn’t  been able to get anything done on it. I remember preaching about ‘holding the bull by the horn’  this year and about how we should be deliberate or intentional in whatever we do, and now, I realize my blogging is

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